Nuke Tools

Bokeh Builder

An easy to use and highly configurable photographic-based bokeh generator for Nuke. Allows control over noise parameters for dirt, edge tearing, glass ring reflections and various other functions. Colour control available for both the edge and inside of the bokeh shape, and options are available for control over the density of bokeh rings and some more 'natural' noise patterns. Comes complete with presets based on real bokeh.

Lens Engine

A lens flare, lens reflection, lens optics and lens FX simulator for Nuke. Allows the user to control a multitude of options to create photographic, or entirely fictional lens flares and lens presets. The gizmo is significantly more optimised and has a lot more features than many other lens flare creation tools built for Nuke; the aim was to create an easy to use, but also highly customisable, gizmo that was capable of producing many different results.

(This gizmo features elements of a newly optimised Flare Factory Plus by Doug Hogan, and Auto Flare 2.2 by Vincent Wauters, so respective credit must be given to them too!)